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Nokalypse | detune in z sharp
TRB.037 | 2012/12/03 | CDR

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    "Detune in Z sharp" is the seventh solo album by Nokalypse and his second on Triple Bath, six years after "Ocean of Inexistence". Following an extended period of silence and creative hibernation lasting three years, into this new recording one encounters the familiar electroacoustic drone of Nokalypse, this time based entirely on a recording of the resonances and vibrations of the fans of 45 tiles of a large LED wall, conducted and edited in August and revised and finalized in November 2012. The idea of recording this sonic multi-source was triggered when due to a fault in the LED wall at my job I had to interrupt the power supply. After I put the LED wall in operation again, from the very first moment, the 45 tiles that comprise it, started making a very weird noise that was getting louder and louder as time passed - it was the noise made by the fan of each of these 45 pieces of the wall, noise that emanated from the vibration and the resonance of all these. After two days I repeated the process, this time with two condenser mics rigged just in front of the wall.

total duration  82:31

based on material recorded in August 2012

sound source: 45 LED tiles' fans vibrating and resonating in random frequencies captured with a pair of condenser microphones

edited and arranged in August 2012
revised and mastered in November 2012

artwork (completed in November 2012) based on photos shot in Nafplio/Argolida and Megara/Attiki, in October 2012

all music and visual work by Themistoklis Pantelopoulos, 2012