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Łukasz Danielak | evolving spheres
TRB.024 | 2010/03/19 | CDR

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    "Evolving Spheres" is the debut full length album by Polish Łukasz Danielak, after two EP's, "Noeza" (on Kaos ex Machina) and "Gnostic Flowers" (on D.N.A.), both net-released in 2009. Several pieces in the album that were also included in these EP's, have been revised, remixed and along with new works, they are compiled and mastered to make the definitive edition of Danielak's oeuvre. Greta Szkudlarska provided several field recordings and AlinK. Sarit provided her unearthly vocalisms in three pieces. Common feature to the eleven pieces of this album is psychedelia - eleven ways to express and communicate this mental and emotional situation: with the alienated invitation of "Intro", the sonic wealth of "Beyond Infinity", the oriental grandeur of "Apokatastaza", the unworldly reflections of "Heaven in a Dead Flower", the murderous resonance of "Gnostic Flowers", the haunted abstractions "For Strings, Spinner, Drones, Guitars...", the decadent romance of "Milczenie" (polish word for silence), the elegiac nostalgia of "Song of Forgiveness", the eerie mass-flow of "NE", the underwater nightmares of "Old House Dreams", the spacey (yet earthly) melancholia of "W Krainie Borów i Jezior" (In the Land of Forests and Lakes)... In ¾ of an hour, Lukasz Danielak deposits his soul, creating a soundtrack for the fall of being. File under resonant psychedelic ambient.

contents & credits

01  intro  01:36
02  beyond infinity  03:54
03  apokatastaza  03:05
04  heaven in a dead flower  05:10
05  gnostic flowers  04:31
06  for strings, spinner, drones, guitars...  03:46
07  milczenie  03:18
08  song of forgiveness  04:26
09  ne  03:46
10  old house dreams  07:54
11  w krainie borów i jezior  05:02

total duration  46:28

all music by Łukasz Danielak, December 2008 - February 2010

Greta Szkudlarska : field recordings in gnostic flowers & beyond infinity
AlinK. Sarit : voice in intro, apokatastaza & w krainie borów i jezior

mastering & graphics by Themistoklis Pantelopoulos, February - March 2010
remastered in May 2014