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Coti | "Onda"
    "Onda", based solely on electric contrabass, is Coti K.'s new work. New in sonic direction and conception, since this is the first time the Greek musician has crafted an organic recording without electronic treatments. Written and recorded in isolation on the island of Tinos, the procedure was simple... layers of the aforementioned stringed instrument creating, either harmonic or textural constructions. The result... a complicated rush of calm yet mysterious bowings that produce warm, round passages of tones and overtones, delicately delivering 7 stories of 4 to 10 minutes long each. Onda means wave in Italian and as such, it draws the essence of this album. This release coincides in time with the artist's new installation called "Suono", held in Athens from February 25 to March 29. More info on "Suono" here :
music by
Coti, 2009


1. Tubo 05:51
2. Rocking Chair Blue 06:09
3. Cresta 04:56
4. Dead Bugs Dust 09:09
5. Smokey Old Boat 04:23
6. Open the Skies for Electra 04:47
7. Okeanis 09:48

total duration
Coti K. electric contrabass

took place in various moments during 2009 in Isternia, Tinos Island

mixed & mastered
by Coti K. at the Lemontree, Athens

Coti K. & En Vit Ekorre
catalogue number

release date
February 5, 2010



Massimo Ricci | Touching Extremes | October 2011
    The recent 3-LP set by Mohammad (Spiriti, on Antifrost) has not stopped radiating droning beauty after many months from its release. When I rescued 2010’s Onda from the hundreds of recordings that keep amassing all over my house, the thought was something around the lines of “let’s see if this is an earlier one-third of Spiriti”. The answer is “erm, no”. Conceived for solo electric contrabass (recorded in solitude in an island named Tinos), this work is surprisingly palatable, often melodic, even more frequently tending to minimalism. And of course, yes, Coti concedes some measure of powerful static growl: when it comes, it recalls Phill Niblock rather than his explorations of ultra-bottom ranges with Nikos Veliotis and Ilios. Also, it must be noted that the lone bower chose a lo-fi appearance for the recording: the overall acoustic impression is willingly nasal, a hoarseness preventing us from hearing the actual breathing of the instrument’s wood. And yet, Costantino Kiriakos (born in Milan, soon transplanted in Greece) makes the very most of these hypotethical deficiencies, finding spots for ominous creaks and rich resonances, inventing circular patterns, sawing the space via diagonal arco slashes. The whole emits a smoke that seems to obscure the view at first but instead reveals a series of question marks amidst sweet mechanical lullabies.

Frans de Waard | Vital Weekly | issue 758 | December 2010
    Behind Coti we find Constantino Luca Rolando Kiriakos, who sometimes works as Coti K., and who was a member of electronic bands in Greece. These days he plays the contra-bass and as such has established a connection with Nikos Veliotis and Ilios in a trio called Mohammad. In "Onda" he plays solely electric contra-bass. Seven pieces, ranging somewhere between four and ten minutes. "Onda", "wave" in Italian (where he was born), is an album of layered contra-bass sounds. This means, to put things bluntly, drone-like music, but not through masses field of sound, but through various textures, some light, some dark, and almost always seems to be floating gently down the stream. Occasionally there is a classical feel to the music, and sometimes Coti makes things a bit more abstract. Microphones are wide open, and capture much of the space in which the music was recorded. It also makes that the music is quite upfront and present, like direct in your face. Very nice.

Argyris Zilos | Athinorama | April 2010
translated from greek - original here
    Sometimes, it takes him over and he behaves... unsuitably to his music! Here, for example, beneath the music's feet, he pulls, on occasion, either the melodic platform or the harmonic carpet, even if it only dares minimal insinuations... Though not the first time he does so, it is the first time he does it out of his familiar electronic field, with an electric contrabass, it excites him to test modalities as consonances rather than deployments. Unless though his motive is... ontological.

Giannis Papaioannou | Homme | issue 77 | April 2010
translated from greek - original here
    Based entirely on the sound of the electric double bass and recorded in the isolation of a small studio in Tinos island, the new album by Coti is a game with sound, without the slightest hint of electronic or digital processing. The abstract treatment of the compositions, the process of recording different layers of the stringed instrument and the harmonic mood in writing these pieces give a warm result, which takes the listener into uncharted paths of sounds, suitable for many walks.