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Mystified | "Frigid Radiance"
    Arvo Pärt, who from a real entity of the music intelligentsia, has turned into becoming an idea that has nested in the creations of millions of musicians. One of these musicians is Thomas Jackson Park, also known as Mystified. To our happiness though, the later managed to avoid imitating the great estonian composer. Key feature of "Frigid Radiance" is perfection. Beautiful vast soundscapes in which discreet environments of everyday urban life, carefully placed in space and time, transport us to a metallic, frigid climate. Refined by the sonic depth of the whole album that already sounds like ambient music, this disc might be more accessible to the average human ear, although without derogation in quality. Snow-white, elegiac, industrial blue, the colour of sun above the toxic city, nature... We are dealing with an album which every lover of tranquil music will be fond of after the very first listen.
music by
Mystified, 2008

Frigid Radiance

1. Bending 04:41
2. Polymorph 04:57
3. Grinder Bells 06:49
4. Uneasy Dreams 04:39
5. Frosted Tundra 05:41
6. Frigid Radiance 06:10
7. Chimedrops 08:07

total duration
Themistoklis Pantelopoulos, April 2009

Themistoklis Pantelopoulos, April 2009
based on evening and night shots in Argolida and Attiki, December 2008
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release date
May 15, 2009



Jose Raul Chavez | Heathen Harvest | February 2010
    I am at some sort of crossroads here. This album had a strange effect on my opinions about one of the most misunderstood genres of all time: DRONE. Sure, "Frigid Radiance" sounds good, but a work with things like attention to detail and depth like this one made me ask myself an important question: Why? Why is it that this genre exists? Is it because people have no qualms about pressing down a key for seven minutes and calling it art? Is it that the format of extreme minimalism allows for maximum delivery of a message, even if the message is only conveyed through the title of a track? And why don't people have a problem putting out all these "wind tracks" over and over not wanting to admit that it’s the same stupid sound? I do not expect any justification, but I just thought asking a couple of things might be a different way to credit Thomas Jackson Park with some nice work. The key thing to remember when considering this album is that this guy is NOT a Drone artist. He is simply an artist. Mystified would not be where it is and would not be recognized by both the underground and even folks like SPIN magazine alike if the project would be a series of tracks only existing as lip service to a style of music that could not be more simple, yet at the same time, more dismissed... "Frigid Radiance" is not too far a step away from all other Mystified releases at its core, because in a way, the album gives you THE CORE of what Mystified is all about. While albums aside from this one feature simple but stylish percussion, much in the Meat Beat Manifesto style, and others a reinterpretation of iconoclastic sound in film [Mr. Park's tribute to Forbidden Planet], this one is sound in itself. It's still drone, but the drones are meticulous, highly detailed, and substantial. I consider this work to be the soul of Mystified. I think this was not Drone for its own sake, but a man saying in his own way, "This is the center of my art. From here, I can take you anywhere", but we know that artists in this scene are far more existential. This isn't a start, it's a space all its own.