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Tasos Stamou
    Trained visual artist and photographer, Tasos Stamou has been coping with experimental and improvised music since 2006 mostly as a medium to express his rather abstract and "deeper" creative intensions. During the past few years he explored and utilized several different mediums of original sonic creation, including the use of self-modified sound-toys and found objects, repurposing ordinary domestic electronic and mechanical equipment into musical instruments. He has also been involved into electroacoustic composition (analogue synthesizer, DIY electronics, laptop music), vivid sonic performances with vocalism and sound installations. He is currently sound-designing and performing works for film, video-art and experimental theatre incorporating with fellow artists of moving image and kinetic arts (performance, physical theatre).
    As a multi-instrumentalist performer of free-improvised music he has presented live sets internationally in solo projects and in collaboration with other experimentalists and improvisers (London Improvisers Orchestra, Evan Parker, Ignaz Schick, Valerio Tricoli, Kuupuu & Lau Nau, Nikos Veliotis) in venues and festivals for innovative music.
    His style is mainly consisted of spontaneous solos and unconventional usage of instruments or objects treated as instruments creating layers of (rather noisy) ritual atmospheres that are often interrupted by tensed moments of extrovert physical gestures and sudden sonic events. Visual elements are always an important part of his performances, mostly included as part of the sound installation and aesthetics. In 2008 he founded "kukuruku recordings", an independent label for innovative electroacoustic sound works. He has been curating, producing and illustrating releases in collaboration with the artists involved.
Tasos Stamou (b. 1978)

Athens, Greece


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