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    Socos from Athens, Greece, is a guitarist, playing either electric or acoustic guitar. He works as a composer and as a performer/improviser. He has been into music making since 1989 when he started working with the pseudonym Requiem making three demo tapes until 1997. During 1996-1997 he was involved in the project Dead Bakogiannides making a new demo tape. During the period 1996-1999 he was member of the band Fykia. During 1999-2000 he was part of the band Orama. In 2001 he started collaboration with the greek art-pop figure Christos Alexopoulos. Socos has played the guitar on all of Alexopoulos' albums and plays the guitar on his live shows. In 2001 Socos started his own group, called the Live Project Band with which he has released 3 albums (2005, 2007 and 2009). The Live Project Band is today Socos' main musical endeavour by composing and producing the music and by giving live shows. During 2002-2003 he was member of the cult-rock band Aera Patera which released an album on CD while with Socos. In 2005, friends Socos and Christos Alexopoulos started the 3rd Man Element, a series of regular live gigs inviting a special guest (3rd man) each time. These trios perform 80-minute improvised sessions. Socos is also a video artist and has recently produced a video for George Kontrafouris' new album "The Storyteller" (2007) among others. In 2007, Socos released his first solo album "Hyperythmique Analogue" on Triple Bath, while in 2008 he released his second one, "Sub Breath, Outer Speech" as the soundtrack to Eugenia Maragou's play "Merry Freeze-mass & A Happy New World".
Socos (rb. 1974)

Athens, Greece

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  Hyperythmique Analogue