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Mike Khoury & Ryan Jewell

    Mike Khoury was born in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan in 1969. Begun studying violin at the age of 10 and eventually came under the guidance of Julliard graduate Nancy Smith. Abandoning the violin for electric bass, Khoury played in various jazz/rock combos and eventually settled with The Urban Farmers. He went on to explore the possibilities of free and improvised music and resumed his studies of the violin. He furthered his involvement in the creative improvised realm with Jason Shearer (winds) and Ben Hall (percussion). He also played with Siege Machine, a larger ensemble including Ben Hall, John Olson, Jason Shearer, Mark Sawaski and Joel Peterson, balancing between graphical score compositions and improvisation. The development of the improvisational duet has also consumed much of Khoury's time and is a preferred format. Often times, Khoury joins Ben Hall, Hans Buetow, Piotr Michalowski or Jason Shearer in duo performances. He has been playing with reedmen Piotr Michalowski and Len Bukowski in a trio setting, both live and in the studio. He studies violin at the Art Center Music School with composer/violinist David Litven. Mike continues to work on compositions and improvisations as well as operate Entropy Stereo Recordings, a free improvisation music label. He has recorded and/or performed with Rob Cambre, Greg Wildes, Allison Stanley, Mark Southerland and Bill McKemy of Malachy Papers, Arny Young, Eric Roth of Explosion:Cerebral, John Sinclair, Maury Coles, Tim Hundevad, Jason Hammer, Le Quan Ninh, the SILVER measure, Hans Fjellestad, Damon Holzborn, Sam Rabourn, Carl Smith, Blaise Siwula, Jack Wright, Chris Peck, James Ilgenfritz, Mike Hansen, Tomasz Krakowiak, David Prentice, Dennis, Aaron, and Stefan Gonzalez, The Northwoods Improvisers, Faruq Z. Bey, Mike Carey, Len Bukowski, Piotr Michalowski, Luc Houtkamp, John Voigt, John Butcher, Jerome Breyerton, Brian Mackie, Michael Welch, Gunda Gottschalk, Nathan Hubbard, Gino Robair, Fred Bergman, Hans Butow, John Shiruba, Curtis Glatter, Damon Smith, Scott Looney, Marcos Fernandes and Wolfgang Fuchs.

Ryan Jewell studied percussion and electronic composition techniques at Capital University and has since studied drumset with Susie Ibarra and tabla with Dr. Lowell Lybarger. Jewell regularly works as a solo performer and collaborator in the arenas of very quiet improvised music and very loud harsh noise. In addition to being a perpetual traveler of the US, he has also toured extensively in Europe. He was invited to perform at such respected international festivals as the SOWIESO 1 festival in Paris, the Kraak Festival in Brussels, the International Noise Conference in Miami, SXSW in Austin and Les Sciences Bruitistes also in Paris. He has collaborated with such diverse artists as C. Spencer Yeh, Greg Kelley, Nate Wooley, Jack Wright, Christine Sehnaoui, Bhob Rainey, Larry Marotta, Mike Shiflet, Tatsuya Nakatani, Reuben Radding, Hasan Abdur-Razzaq, Tom Abbs, David Boykin, Douglas Ewart (AACM), Jandek, Envenomist, Fossils, Wasteland Jazz Unit, Larry Marotta and many more.
Mike Khoury & Ryan Jewell

(MK) Michigan, USA & (FB) Ohio, USA

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