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    Costis Zouliatis was born in Athens, in 1979 and up to now he has kept himself busy only with music and images. He studied Music at the Ionian University (Corfu), where he is also a Ph.D. Candidate (under the subject of the composer Jani Christou's life and philosophical thought). He is the founding member of several musical bands (Night On Earth, The Rembetators, Paracroussis a.o.) for which he composes music and participates as a musician and improviser, while he also gives solo piano and guitar performances.

    He has contributed in theatrical performances as a composer and musical supervisor, composed music for short films and documentaries and directed/produced short video films and music videos, including a short portrait of contemporary Greek composer Dimitris Dragatakis. His study in cinematography concerns the work and teachings of Ed Wood, Andrei Tarkovsky and Caravaggio and a staggering masterclass of cinematographer Christopher Doyle, as well.

    As a researcher, he worked for years on the work and life of composer Jani Christou with highlight being the creation of the film Anaparastasis: life & work of Jani Christou (2012). He has also published the following essays: A musicological approach to John Coltrane's 'A Love Supreme' and its importance as an expression of spiritual passion (2000), Politics and music in the works of Luigi Nono (2003), Symbolism in Alban Berg's music (2004), Jani Christou - T.S. Eliot - Peter du Sautoy: Seven letters for Six songs (2010 - published in the journal of Greek Music Workshop of the Ionian University), Jani Christou: Alchemist of Dreams (2010 - published in the journal Difono).



SECOND HAND (Sony US - Independent Network), 2009
SECOND HAND (Sony Music / Ahos), 2008
NIGHT ON EARTH (Outlandish Recordings), 2006

(with FIDEL SON)

BACKROOM SESSIONS (Libra Music), 2003
JAZZ LOUNGE 2 (Water Music Records US), 2004


SCAVENGERS' UNION (documentary by Marina Danezi), 2011
THE TRAP (documentary by Marina Danezi), 2009
ARRIVALS (short film), 2003


HOY NO VENGO A CENAR (short film by Thanassis Totsikas & Yorgos Pantazopoulos), 2010

(compilated tracks)
128 DAYS AT THE ROAD BLOCKS (documentary), 2013
THIEVES (feature film by Makis Papadimitratos), 2007
ROZ (feature film by Alexandros Voulgaris), 2006


LAST YEAR'S FIANCEE (by Zyranna Zateli/elephas tiliensis), elephas tiliensis, 2013-2014
PARTHENON (by Orchestra of Small Things), Orchestra of Small Things, 2012
FROM NOW AND ON, ONLY HAPPY ENDINGS (by Georgia Mavragani, based on Capote's "Breakfast at Tiffany's"), FNAOOHE Party, 2008
MILTOS SACHTOURIS: IN MEMORIAM (a musical performance as a tribute to the poet), 2006, 2010
A LONG NOSTALGIC SONG (by Georgia Mavragani), FNAOOHE Party, 2005

(music supervising & composing)
CLOSER (by Patrick Marber), PANATHLION Party, 2001
PLAY ON (by Rick Abbot), PANATHLION Party, 2001


ANAPARASTASIS: LIFE AND WORK OF JANI CHRISTOU (19126-1970) (97', documentary), 2012
DIMITRIS DRAGATAKIS: A PORTRAIT (40', documentary), 2008
THE SEA OUTSIDE (2', video farce), 2007
ARRIVALS (12', video short film), 2003


"The Musicological and Philosophical Thought of Jani Christou, as accrued from his texts & manuscripts", (PhD Essay, in progress)
"Jani Christou - T.S.Eliot - Peter F.Du Sautoy: Seven Letters for Six Songs", 2010
"Jani Christou: Alchemist of Dreams", 2010
"Symbolism in Alban Berg's Work", 2004
"Politics and Music in the Work of Luigi Nono", 2003
"A musicological approach in John Coltrane's 'A Love Supreme' and its significance as a form of expression of spiritual passion", 2000

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