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Triple Bath, recording label based in Athens, was founded by Themistoklis Pantelopoulos in September 2006.

The idea for Triple Bath as a label first appeared in summer 2003, during the realization of a remix project at the online music community Artist Server (formerly Electronic Scene). For the record, 10 remixes by artists (from the USA, England, the Netherlands and Greece) of the track "Triple Bath" where composed and along with the original version by Nokalypse they were compiled into a CDR and distributed to the participants in spring/summer 2004.

Triple Bath gets impetus by the good yet unheard music that is wandering incessantly in an ever-growing world-wide circle of creators/experimenters and came into being to amass the harvest some of those people by releasing their music in carefully produced CDR editions.

In the ten years of existence Triple Bath has released 44 titles by musicians/bands from Greece, the USA, Canada, Norway, Belgium, Germany, Brazil, Spain, Argentina, Switzerland, Poland, the United Kingdom, Japan, Italy, Portugal, France and Lithuania.

Triple Bath appreciates musical hybrids, especially the silent, mysterious music, regardless of any connection to or detachment from specific traditions, cultural beliefs or political weight. Genres and examples of their exponents that interest Triple Bath could be: electroacoustic music (David Behrman, Kim Cascone, Iannis Xenakis), cathedral ambient, (Tim Hecker, Matthew Florianz, Murcof), beatless industrial music (Nurse With Wound, Jeff Surak, Daniel Menche), minimal noise and field recordings (Chris Watson, Francisco López, Lee Patterson), organic drone (Charlemagne Palestine, Phill Niblock, Nikos Veliotis), free improvisation (Evan Parker, Barry Guy, Keiji Haino), contemporary classical music (Krzysztof Penderecki, Alfred Schnittke, Arvo Pärt), nocturnal cinematic music (Ingram Marshall, Eleni Karaindrou, Bohren & der Club of Gore), traditional music and its crossroad with avant-garde (Stephan Micus, Savina Yannatou, Ross Daly).

All titles can be purchased on the website (via PayPal) while some of them are available at specific mail-order/distributors and music stores in Athens like: Drone Records (DE), Metamkine (FR), Minimamedia (DE), Improvised Music from Japan (JP), Vinyl Microstore (Didotou 34, Athens) and It Record Shop (Kleisovis 10, Athens).

Triple Bath is always interested in receiving and listening to demos and encourage each creator to send his work, if he/she believes it is suitable for releasing it on the label, after getting in contact by e-mail ( or through facebook).

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